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Karen Hood
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Jul 2, 2011
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Blue Mountains, NSW
Hi everyone,
I wanted to say a few words about women and the forum.
As a male dominated forum, it is no surprise that lighthearted jokes between male members about "SWMBO" or females in general will come up from time to time on threads.
Can I please urge you to be considerate of the female population on this forum. We may be limited in numbers, but whether the women on this forum post or not, they are still on this forum, visiting, reading those threads.
The nature of these comments does not encourage females to be actively involved in the forum.
It has come up all too often and needs to come to a halt. On behalf of the female population on BCOz, please give this some thought to this when posting from here on in.


Richard Proenneke
Mar 27, 2012
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Glenhaven, Sydney...

A few days ago when I read this thread, I thought to myself ‘what does that acronym mean?’ So I Googled it and find out what it was. I was right, it’s a term used to jump between socially acceptable “mocho talk” between blokes and the justifiable words in print.

I have sat here now for a good 10 minutes trying to deliver the words to myself in a way that does not imply that a dictatorship is being portrayed within the relationship - well that’s how I take it anyhow.

I understand that many are saying that it’s a term of endearment and no offence is implied to any women in the discussion… Which is great, but the best intentions does not always equal the best of perceptions. As many would know, relationships are as much about perceptions as anything else.

It’s the Must and Obey words that deliver the tone or edge so let’s focus on them.

No one has said that they are in a dominant relationship where they Must Obey, so I’m left taking it that we are all in the same boat and we are in relationships where we Choose to Consider our partner in our life’s and based on that mutual consideration and respect a direction or action is taken.

Hang on! Let’s do this right and get rid of the She as well. I’m looking for something that suits us all.


My Princess That I Choose To Consider (for the Princes to use)

My Prince That I Choose To Consider (for the Princess to use)

My Partner That I Choose to Consider (for everyone to use)

I know, it doesn’t deliver the “ball and chain” punch line that gets the nod from the fellas of understanding, nor does it allow a completely submissive retreat when called on its use.

But it does say that I have a person that I appreciate in my life to the point that I take their feelings, perceptions, wants and likes into consideration when taking actions or making plans that may affect them or us as a partnership.
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