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Bird Wandering Whistling-Duck (Dendrocygna arcuata)


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Common Name: Wandering Whistling-Duck

Scientific name: Dendrocygna arcuata

Family: Anatidae

Order: Anseriformes

Other Names: Whistling Tree-Duck, Water Whistling-Duck and the Red Whistler.

Distribution: northern and eastern Australia, from the Kimberley region, across the north of Australia, to south-eastern New South Wales. It is vagrant to the south-east and the south-west of the country.

Habitat: deep vegetated lagoons and swamps, flooded grasslands, sewerage farms, grain stubbles, pastures, irrigated lands

Field Notes: large duck with rich red-brown plumage overall, with a paler face, front of neck and upper breast. There is a dark stripe on the crown of head, nape and back of neck. The bill and legs are dark. There are elongated flank plumes, which are off-white with chestnut edges. In flight, the dark underwings, cinnamon and chestnut underbody, white undertail and trailing dark legs are seen.

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Photos By Auscraft Sept 2011