WA - southern half - maps - digital, digitised and paper


Richard Proenneke
May 19, 2011
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Western 'burbs, WA
[Mod - I'm posting this here as I consider it more "resource" than a "skill" under the Navigation section. Feel free to move, or should we start a Maps section under Resources?]

This came up in another thread, and to save hijacking I'm starting a discussion here

Raster 25k of SW WA - 1:25k topo's - 193 images scanned and calibrated in OZF and ECW format
Raster 50k of SW WA - 1:50k topo/cadastral - 283 images scanned and calibrated in OZF and ECW format
- Greg Harewood "The Explorer" - available from most map shops
These are the old land survey maps that "The Explorer" obtained under licence and had them scanned and calibrated, and published on DVD-ROM.
Maps date back to last published early 80's with most of the data built up over many years beforehand.
Contours are 5m and marked with a lot of historical info. Great for finding old stock wells, homesteads, tracks, etc.
Excellent for bushwalking, or just browsing to check out the old metro area.
All digital and nicely scanned to minimise distortion.

Land management series (LMS), originally published by Conservation and Land Management (CALM), the forerunner of DEC (the forerunner of DPaW)
1:50k in easy to read colour. In terms of usability, I'd say somewhere between the raster series above and the COG maps below.
I think
you can still buy these new from old stock, but you'd need to check.
I had all mine scanned/digitised full page size some years ago. Resulting raster image is not bad, but pixellates as you zoom in.

Bibbulmun Track specific. 1:50k. The entire 16 sheet set from the Foundation/DEC. It's the next to last revision. Digitised the same as the LMS maps above.

DPaW (fka DEC) 1:50k conservation operations graphics (COG) maps.
Last I knew, you can only buy prints from a map shop or DPaW.
Digital versions used to be publicly available, but from what I hear, not any more.
Fortunately, I have a licence agreement that is still current, although I've not used it of late as I have most maps I need.
A search of the DPaW website should find you the index map to help identify what sheet(s) you want.
(Bushcrafters who attended the Avon Valley meet will have seen this type of map. It's the one Doc obtained from the ranger.)
These have 20m contours, and don't show the finer contour info I prefer when on foot.
Old tracks aren't shown, but new stuff is - such as reservoir protection zones. Not always that accurate in other info.
Vector image (digital) is in geoTIFF format. Very clear at any magnification.

Natmap Raster Premium - 1:250k digital topo of all of Australia - Geoscience Australia
Purchased around 2003/4. Probably still available and very likely updated.
Good for road trips when using OziExplorer in the car and you don't have a data connection on Google Maps.
3D - I also bought the 9 second digital elevation model (DEM) height data at that time. Had I known that OziExplorer would soon include this feature, at higher res (3 second?) from Geoscience Australia free of charge, I wouldn't have bothered.

Street Express 2009 (in ECW). The local UBD/Melways published on DVD (digital). Probably still published each year.
The entire metro area on one map, in detail. Also a map with just the CBD.
And it has a Perth Approach Roads map which gives more detail than Natmap and shows the major roads and tracks heading in/out of town and surrounds.

ShonkyMaps on my Garmin eTrex (digital). Can't recall the scale, but they're free and cover all of Australia. Suit Garmin only?

Then there's the paper ones ...
- RAC road maps of WA from the 70's
- some current specific area road maps such as "The Sunset Coast - Kalbarri to Perth(?)", and "The Rainbow Coast" (- Albany way), and so on.
- Road Touring Atlas of WA from HEMA. Also available for OziExplorer and other GPS systems
- various topo/cadastral maps of more remote areas such as Kalbarri gorges and the Murchison River out to Morawa and Mullewa. Likewise the Great Western Woodlands (Hyden to Norseman).

I think that covers it. More than happy to discuss where to obtain these and update with links, etc.

Please don't ask for copies of the digital maps as I have licence agreements for each of them (including having to personally sign for the COG maps), and I don't wish to offend with my refusal. The commercially available stuff has a software licence agreement just like anything else. And no doubt the paper ones are subject to normal copyright.


Rüdiger Nehberg
Oct 12, 2011
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Connecticut, USA
Thanks Redtail. That is a very valuable & useful resource for WA bushcrafters/hikers.


Ray Mears
Oct 28, 2012
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Maryborough, Qld
I have Tracks4Australia and Contours Australia digital maps on my Garmin 60CSx. I only currently have Qld loaded on my GPS but I have each of the states downloaded and can change them easily if I travel interstate. I downloaded these (and originally shonkymaps) from http://www.gpsaustralia.net/content.php?. I find the T4A and CA better than the shonkymaps, at least for my area.