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W essentials fire lighters ( Woolworths )


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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So I went shopping this morning & I spied the W essentials fire lighters .
The box looked about the same size as the Jiffy ..
And there was one pack partially open & the stuff inside also looked like the Jiffy stuff !
@ $4 AUS a box .. I shelled out and bought some .. ( Yeah - I think I'm fixed for fire lighters for some time - Years )

Opening the pack the W e stuff is a little more moist to the touch than the Jiffy stuff ..
Smell the same ( like fly spray ) .. When it burns , there is no nasty smell ..
I haven't washed my hands yet , and there is the slightest fly spray smell to my fingers .
Actually , I should wash my hands and see how persistent this slight odour is .
Back in a flash ! ( Not that you will notice )

Smell is gone , not even the slightest hint !

I crushed the W e stuff into smaller pieces to see if that would help the ferro rod ..
And it did .. Got a Ferro start ..
Smells the same as Jiffy , looks to burn the same ...
But is a lot cheaper at $4 a box .
Video soon :

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