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Vic Bushcraft meet up?


Mors Kochanski
Dec 19, 2011
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bendigo vic
I have never been in the area it is about 2 hours drive for me I'm keen to come along but it depends on finances at the moment.


Never Alone In The Bush
Staff member
Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Where to go ?

I decided to go for a drive today, out to Lal Lal to have a look for myself.

Lal Lal "A"

I went via Lal Lal “town” (a few houses and a hotel, but no services) and drove into the forest via Ironmine rd. I spent a few hours zig zagging around and eventually found an area which was open, flat, and 2wd accessible.
P1280940 (Small).jpg

The area I found is in the area at the end of Andersons Rd where it joins an unnamed track at its south end. See my map, area “A”

There is an area which is large, open and flat, plenty of room and fire wood; however it is fairly close to farmland. In the last pic below I'm in the bush and looking at the road beside the farmland.

No water or creeks nearby. Its in the bush so there are no facilities, other than trees.
P1280941 (Small).jpgP1280946 (Small).jpgP1280950 (Small).jpgP1280947 (Small).jpg

This would be a private area and I don’t think we would see many people and certainly no other campers.

To get to this area, you need to drive along narrow dirt roads, and come in from the North. (I can give some turn by turn instructions with distances). (There are quite a few tracks which get very rough, very quickly and the “maps” really don’t seem very accurate).
According to the map, it does look like the area should be accessible via the Mt Doran-Egerton Rd, but I couldn’t find a track to lead me through (even though it looks simple).

Fuller map : http://www.dse.vic.gov.au/__data/as...al-Lal-final-WUP-2011-2012-to-2013-14-Map.pdf

Hunts Bridge (area "B") :

The other area I investigated was Hunts Bridge.

I came from the North (via Bungal). This is bitumen all the way, and very straight forward to get to.

There are two areas, an upper and lower section. The upper area is beside the road and is not very flat. The lower area is beside the creek and comprises a large, open area.
Other than a few picnic tables, and a fire pit, there are no facilities. There was not much wood about, so we’d have to bring some or go for a drive to collect some.
P1280958 (Small).jpgP1280960 (Small).jpgP1280964 (Small).jpgP1280966 (Small).jpgP1280965 (Small).jpgP1280963 (Small).jpgP1280959 (Small).jpg

Being a designated camping and picnic area, there may well be other people about, in fact there was a RV camped there at the time.


Well there is my reconnaissance report !

Having driven about quite a lot, I think those are our two options for Lal Lal. Although either area would be fine, neither really struck me as a place I’d actively want to go to because they were so fantastic. There was no specific reason for selecting Lal Lal, it was just a name which came up !

My thoughts are that either we go for one of these, or we go somewhere completely different !

I’m happy enough to go anywhere, but I think it needs to be a place which someone knows would be suitable.

What do you think ?
Lal Lal A,
Hunts bridge (B) or
Somewhere else which you know about ?