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Bird Variegated Fairy Wren (Malurus lamberti)


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Common Name: Variegated Fairy Wren

Scientific Name: Malurus lamberti

Family: Maluridae

Order: Passeriformes

Distribution: across the Australian mainland.

Habitat: forest, woodland and shrub land habitats.

Field Notes: The breeding male Variegated Fairy-wren is brightly coloured. The crown and sides of the head are blue, and the shoulder patch is a rich chestnut. The depth and variety of colours in the male varies among the four subspecies, Non-breeding males, females and young birds are brownish grey. Females in the Northern Territory and Western Australian populations have a blue-grey (rather than brown-grey) plumage.

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First pic Female, the second pic is the male. Sorry about quality at first thought it was just the superb Fairy wren then rushed the pics will update
Pics by Auscraft Sept 2011