Useful knots for camping?


Jon Muir
Apr 11, 2012
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Albany, Western Australia
I'm not sure what the knot i am about to describe is called but I use it to rig my hammock.
I tie an alpine butterfly to use as the torsioner as I totally suck at truckers hitches.
After i feed the lead through the butterfly, I pull it on to the desired tightness. I then use a slippery hitch and pull it tight. I then feed a bight back through the eye made by the original slippery hitch and tighten the eye.
This is a very quick knot to tie and is very secure however it is also a quick release knot when you pull on the live end.
I use a tautline with a slippery hitch instead of pulling through the live end to make it quick release.
A clove hitch with a slippery on the end will secure most loads as a starter.
Other than that, it's usually a Murrumbidgee Frog Knot which is...if you can't tie a knot, tie a lot....


John McDouall Stuart
Jan 9, 2019
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Truckies knot, taut line hitch and Siberian hitch are the ones I use most often. The truckies knot is especially handy when tying things to roof racks etc while the taut line hitch and Siberian hitch are for setting up tarps (for me anyway). I did learn a few more but these 3 are what I almost always end up using, they are especially handy when you leave a loop to make them quick release
I always seem to use the truckies hitch. While travelling I've set up make shift clothes lines between trees, or between fittings in a hotel room. Even for adjusting tension on a fly (shelter). Travelling through Thailand on scooters, I bought 10 metres of nylon rope (< 1cm diameter), halved it (5m each scooter), and tied our packs on the rear of the scooters. They were kept tight with a truckies hitch. Sometimes if the stuff inside the packs shifted, I'd have to tighten them - quick and easy. We were mostly on tracks through farm land and little villages; never lost anything.

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