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TwoSun TS392 D2 Liner Lock Flipper


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 27, 2021
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D2 Blade - 65HRC file barely bites / 60HRC file skates

Cutting rope , the edge / bur rolled at 300 slices ..
After a quick wood strop , the knife was cutting paper again . ( So I think there was a micro bur )
After stropping the knife ( leather ) , the edge was as good as new .
Also processing wood and scrapping wood with the knife edge , there was not edge loss or roll . So I think there was a micro bur .
Also the hardness of the D2 leans towards a micro bur .

Nothing to really complain about .. This is not a Bushcrafty folder as the spine wont throw ferro very well due to the design .
It is how ever a very nice folding knife .
The blade steel on this one is on the hard side ( I can live with that ) , which would make sharpening some what tricky ( That bur ) .

Processing wood , the TS392 did feel like a folding knife . I don't question it's strength as a folder , just saying it feels like a folder ! So if your looking for a folder that's going to feel like a fixed blade and is going to be Bushcrafty , it's not this knife !

A) Feels very nice in the hand & in use
B) Blade steel is a little on the hard side ( but I can live with that )
C) Not ferro friendly
D) A little on the large size to be a true pocket knife ( 125mm closed )
E) Rolled @ 300 ( Bur ) Stropped back strong

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