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Fungi Tinder Fungus New England area NSW

Le Loup

Rüdiger Nehberg
Apr 29, 2011
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New England NSW
Laetiporus portentosus & Ryvardenia Cretacia look very similar to one another. Mostly I find them only after they have spored, which is the best time to collect them for use as tinder. In this latter state I find them indistinguishable, but both types serve the same function so it does not really matter. There is a bug that eats this fungi & the resultant dust can be used as a tinder as is without having to char in a fire. The main body however needs to be charred before it will catch a spark from flint & steel.

This fungi can grow anywhere on a tree from ground level upwards. Sometimes the ones growing high can be knocked down with a throwing stick, at other times they can be found on the ground where they fall from the tree. Once they have spored they become very absorbent, & will soak up the rain & become too heavy to maintain their grip on the tree.

Lietiporus_Portentosus.jpgbees & Polypore 002 REDUCED.jpgBF IN SHADE.jpgBRACKET 7.jpgBUSHWALK 017.jpgfire bow book (119).jpgTINDER 007.jpg


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Here are a few pictures from a recent walk.
The fungi I'm holding had become waterlogged and had fallen. Not sure how clear the pic is, but there were still several fungi higher (10m) up the tree which will prob fall down too ...

20170611_150212 (Medium).jpg 20170611_150326 (Medium).jpg

20170611_150330 (Medium).jpg 20170611_150443 (Medium).jpg

20170611_150516 (Medium).jpg