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TiGer 2000S - Wetstone Grinder - REVIEW


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 27, 2021
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https://www.machineryhouse.com.au/W859 = Got mine here ...

A) It gets the job done
B) Yes , it's on the cheap plastic side
C) There are minor issues , but they dont stop you from sharpening .

I own enough knives to justify the purchase , especially since I decided to test knives and post results .
The Wetstone grinder puts down a nice straight grind that shows up bad grinds .
Most edges are made on a belt (?) and due to the size of the belt valleys can form where the blade lingers on the belt .
These valleys will not show up to the naked eye , nor with guided knife sharpeners as they follow the factory grind .
But a machine , with a fixture that holds the knife at a fixed distance / angle .... Well that's a different story .
So with the grinder , you are removing variables . Fewer variables = a better bevel / edge .

Having sharpened a few knives now ....
A) THe grinder usually and consistently improves edge retention .
B) Shows up bad grinds / bevels
C) Gives you very precise material removal
D) Ground edges strop back very well .

Some negatives :
A) You will need to develop some skill to get the best from the grinder
B) Depending on the blade and how you grind , you can splash water so it runs onto what ever surface the machine is on .
C) Angles , working out the angle your grinding can be tricky
D) My machine has a slow vibration that goes - thump / thump / thump / as the machine is running ... From some sort of tensioner . Yes it can be adjusted , but the thumping never goes away , it can be minimized how ever .
E) small blades / knives can be hard to sharpen
F) Large blades can be hard to sharpen .
G) Comes with limited tooling . ( Pay more for the extras )

I in no way what so ever regret buying this machine .
I guess I take my edges seriously enough to shell out $$ to have the best edge I can .