Mammal Thylogale thetis (Red-necked Pademelon)


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Scientific Name: Thylogale thetis

Common Name: Red-necked Pademelon

Order: Diprotodontia

Family: Macropodidae

Other Names:

Distribution: southern Queensland and northern New South Wales.

Habitat: forest and grassy patches or pasture.

Field Notes: moderatly built ,medium length fur is thick and soft; the underfur is long and grey. The overall colour is a grizzled grey, but the species derives its common name from the red-brown on the shoulders. The head is a uniform grizzled grey colour and lacks a dark dorsal stripe. The ears are long and their backs are grey with brown or black edge. Some individuals express a faint white hip stripe but it is usually lacking. The undersides (the chin, chest and abdomen) are white, and well-defined from the upper body colour. The arms and legs vary from grey to red, and the hands and feet are pale brown. The base of the tail is grey, like the back, but the rest is brown above and white below. Size: Head and body length 52cm. Tail length 43cm.

photo by auscraft 2012, Jimna

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