Plant Three Cornered Leek,Allium triquetrum

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Richard Proenneke
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May 20, 2011
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Botanical Name: Allium triquetrum

Common Name: Three Cornered Leek

Other Names: Angled Onion,Wild leek,Stinking onion

Distribution: Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia , Western Australia,New South Wales,South Queensland.

Field Notes: Classed as a noxious weed grows on edge banks,roadsides,waste grounds.Herbaceous plant 20 to 50 cm tall flowers about 15 mm long and 10 to 19 mm across with six petals. Strong smell of garlic when crushed..Seem to like damp/wetter and cooler places often seen early in the spring.A native North Western Africa and South Europe has been naturalized in the UK and parts of USA

Uses: Whole plant is edible and taste somewhat similar garlic or chives,and can be used in a similar way.Added to soups stir fry's and casseroles style dishes,ect. .Can be a overpowering flavor so best used in some moderation.I like to eat two or three of the raw flowers when I see them.

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