The Wichetty Grub Links (Recipes)

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Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Sorry guys this Thread is closed But will be made a Sticky so links to all the recipes that member add can be linked for easy finding.
If you see a thread not added or you post new recipe please contact a Moderator.

Cous Cous Porridge By Bushchef
Bush Tararoa biscuits By Moondog55
my jerky recipy By Waveman
Spud bomb ziplock meals By Bushchef
Utensil free cooking on a fire By Bushchef
Potato and Bacon Bake By Bushchef
Bush Quiche By Bushchef
18th Century and Traditional Trail Foods Multi contributes
Smashed Spud and Hash By Blake
My First Jerky By Aussie 123
Earth Oven Cooking BBQ Hicory Bacon Wrapped Beaf By Blake more a how to than recipe
More untensil free cooking By Bushchef
Easy and Best Bush Casserole By Blake
Jaffle iron Nachos By Greatbloke
Bannock Pizza Pocket Tutorial By Bushchef
Bunya Nut Feast and Fire By Aussie123
Tomato Sauce Relish Multi contributes
Billy Can Soda Bread By Blake
Hardtack By Jagielka
Christmassy Fruit Pemmican By Bushchef
Bulrush Pollen Damper By Aussie123
Kangaroo Jerky Tutorial By Howling Dingo
Dehydrated meal By Chutes
Mint tea By Aussie123
Pork Roast in Stone Bush Oven By Wentworth a how tomore than recipe
Damper Johnny Cakes By Aussie 123
A Complete Guide to Dehydrated Meals By Blake
Minestrone for the trail By Buschchef
Rabbit Recipes By WhyteRhino
Boiled Billy Pudding By Blake
Camping Vanilla Slice By Aussie123
Oven Bag cooked rice By Aussie123
Dehydrating a casserole an experiment By BushChef
share your bushtucker recipes Multi contributes
Precooked lunch for a day trip By Hairyman
Post your Jerky recipy Multi contributes
Shrimp and noodles By Hairyman
Smashed Spud and Hash By Blake
Cheesy Roasted Veg by BushChef
Zliplock bag Chilli Con Carne by BushChef
Anzac cookies trail snacks by pap11y
Apple Cobbler by Lepmeister

Other interesting Links
campfire Recipes
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