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The bush toilet going out on a limb


Les Hiddins
Mar 30, 2019
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What’s needed is a space age NASA lightweight ‘flyjng saucer’ donut.

After some mock up mango tree testing , a sling type seat pulls the legs and body squishes inwards .

A in front stick swing and kidney belt setup could work , though there will be a comfort issue if a padding is not added . The kidney belt attaching to the single in front rope would need to clip on . And the center of gravity will be off .

The stick could be added later at camp , or a piece of stiff light pipe carried and rolled up inside . Same for the fire hose ‘sling swing seat’ to eliminate the squish issue.

Though it does not quite feel like the right answer yet .

A bastardized idea of a few ideas could work well , take whats needed .

It should not need be rocket science .