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The biggest mob of Cunjevoi ive ever seen


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May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
Not the marine animal...

This is probably only interesting to people with an interest in Australian plants but ill post it anyway. I went for a walk today at lunch into the bush near where I work, came past the biggest mob of Cunjevoi I've ever seen. I normally spot these blokes in maybe 5-10 leaf groups but this area must have had about 500 or more. Not only that but they were HUGE!

This photo is from my mobile and shows only about 1/10th of what was growing. It proceeded down the valley at this density for about 30 meters.

Anyway I don't mess with these guys. Pretty harmless looking but one of the poisonous plants in the Aussie bush. Extreme irritation can come from just touching them in the wrong spot. Swelling and intense sickness from even minor consumption and reported cases of death.

This is the Alocasia brisbanensis not the Alocasia macrorrhizos and is actually a Taro. From a distance you can spot this bloke by the red berries he produces.


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