Thank you Bushcraftoz


Richard Proenneke
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Jun 28, 2012
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Sydney, Australia
Today facebook brought up a memory picture for me..

It was a picture of me attempting my first bowdrill friction fire with the assistance Blake and the bushcraft oz crew..

I just wanted to say thanks again to Blake and everyone here who has shared their knowledge with me..

My first bow drill fire was one of those special moments in my life.

I don't drop in much, not because I have lost my love of bushcraft, but more so because I am not practising my skills and most my free time is taken with my knife making pursuits....

I wouldn't be making knives without Corin's help and generosity, I wouldn't know how to make a sheath without lessons from Al and I'd wouldn't know what plantain is without Blakes generosity..

So thanks to a bloody great group of people...