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Survivor HK 781S Sheath Knife


Lofty Wiseman
Aug 27, 2021
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So there I was trolling FeeBay for knives ( as I some times do ) and I spied this knife .
27 Bananas shipped to my door , how bad could it be ?

Performance on the rope :

Lets get straight to it , a 250 slice fail ( rolled edge ) .
Was it a rolled edge or was it a burr ? I dont know .
But , stropping the edge brought it back as good as new . Then some 2 passes each way over green compound and it was a better edge than when I started . ( Thats nice )
A 250 fail with a rolled edge , for $27 I can live with that .

Feels / looks / N stuff .

The grip is a man sized grip . For this size / weight knife , that grip might be a little too much . Especially if you plan on doing anything fine or finicky . Also , those saw teeth on the back of the blade are just a PITA ( hand ) .. They dont need to be there . And they catch on the sheath when pulling out the knife . And if you try to choke up on the knife it just hurts .
Also the handle has some give . Squeeze hard enough and you can feel the give . ( Hollow grip ? ) . Makes me nervous about the tang ... Is it a small narrow rod like tang ? welded on or something more substantial ?
Things to like and things not to like .
It's cheap , offers decent edge holding for the $ , full grip ( good or bad ) not too heavy ( good or bad ) .
Mystery steel , tang ? , sheath is a cheap nasty but works , saw teeth - not needed ( my opinion ) ..
It's a cheap knife that looks to deliver what a knife is supposed to deliver , some cutting potential .
It's not a saw or an axe , it's not expensive and exotic . I guess it's cheap and functional .
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