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Survival thingy


Richard Proenneke
Mar 9, 2013
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Perth, WA
This was in the "tempting" section on the way out of Anaconda and it worked.
Whistle, striker, ferro rod, Steel wool tinder and tungsten tip for breaking car windows


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Richard Proenneke
Jan 9, 2019
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It looks a great find Thrud. I have a pen with a glass breaker; the glass breaker has been useful for other things like punching holes in coconuts and drinking the liquid :).

I only mention this because my partner wasn't aware of it; many packs come with integrated harness clip and whistle - all black wolf packs for example. I pointed this out to my partner on her pack. Having an extra survival tool at no extra weight or space, especially in such a handy location, is nice to know.

black wolf whistle.jpg