Invertebrate Supunna picta (Bug-mimicking Swift Spider)

Dusty Miller

Alexander Pearce
Sep 6, 2011
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Scientific Name: Supunna picta

Common Name(s): Bug-mimicking swift spider.

Other Names: n/a

Class: Arachnida

Order: Araneae


Family: Corinnidae

Distribution: Found in areas where the gum tree shield bug lives. Australia wide. Also found recently in New Zealand.

Habitat: Lives in Eucalypt bark, often seen hunting on the ground also.

Field Notes: Body length 6-7 mm. It predates the gum tree shield bug and behaves and moves in a similar fashion, although it is much faster. This spider is reluctant to bite, and often runs over people in search of prey. Active hunter. Unbelievably fast, moves in short sweeping bursts.

Gum tree shield bug ->

Swift spider, adults get larger. The fromnt legs become brighter orange than this, like the legs of the bug nymphs.

A smaller individual
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