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Bird Square-tailed Kite (Lophoictinia isura )


John McDouall Stuart
Jul 2, 2011
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Wide Bay, QLD
Scientific Name: Lophoictinia isura

Common Name: Square-tailed Kite

Other Names: NA

Order: Falconiformes


Distribution: Throughout Australia

Habitat: Open forests, riverine woodlands, scrubs, healthland. Can be seen edges of towns and suburbs.

Field Notes: Adult is a medium sized, solitary, slender and very long winged bird. Head is rufous with white face and pale eyes. Breast is streaked. underwings have rufous lining, dark carpal crescent, pale "bulls eye"and boldly barred wing tips. Tail is long and square with a dark sub-terminal band. Size: Length Male 51 cm, Female 55 cm.

Photos by auscraft, April, 2012. Location: Gympie, QLD

Copy - DSC_7648.jpgCopy - DSC_7633.jpg

Range of prey is taken from the tree canopy. These kites fly over trees with upswept wings tilting from side to side and twists tail sideways. This bird is listed as rare for SE QLD in which Gympie is located.

Queensland Museum, (2007). Raptors of Southern Queensland
Simpson, K. & N. Day, (2010). Field guide to the birds of Australia. 8th edition.
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