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Mammal Spotted Tail Quoll (Dasyurus maculatus)


Lofty Wiseman
Sep 18, 2012
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Little fellow, first cousin to the Tassy Devil. Thought to be extinct around Brisbane. Recent possible sighting here, 27k from the Brisbane GPO, has set off a search of backyards for signs and photos of the animal. I have hosted a camera at my place for several weeks and I was directly involved in capturing the first photo of a wild Quoll in SEQ since 1981. For the privacy of the landholder involved, I cannot be too specific about the location. In the link below, the top two photos are from a camera I set in the company of Ivell White. The bottom photo is of Ivell and Alina setting a camera in my backyard. http://www.wildlife.org.au/news/2013/quollseeking.html

The search continues and I hope to get rid of the fox that visits here regularly so I can set more baits for the wildlife cameras. My main purpose is to capture a Quoll photo but I am getting lots of other lookers from Wedgetail Eagles to Northern Brown Bandicoots.