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Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
I bought the Zero Tolerance 0456 to fill one of the spots in a EDC (Every Day Carry) rotation build I am currently in the process of building. It has all the features I require of any knives I Intend to EDC and in particular its CPM-20CV blade steel, which is, along with M390 my favourite steels for pocket knives.

What the company says,
Zero Tolerance site said:
ZeroTolerance and Belarusian custom knife maker Dmitry Sinkevich have teamed up to produce the 0456. The 0456 offers the premium cuttingpower for which ZT is well known in a knife with standout looks that are just waiting to be shown off. Based on Dimitry’s popular custom knife, The Pole, the 0456 features the 3-D shaped handle contours and custom blade shape that defined the original design. The High-quality CTS-204P blade steel is wear and corrosion resistant and takes an exceptional edge. The blade’s premium quality is matched only by its good looks—with an appealing two-tone finish that’s stonewashed on the flats and satin on the grinds. The 0456 opens with ZT KVT ball-bearing system for a quick, easy blade release. A Titanium frame lock, with a hardened steel lock-bar insert, firmly secures the blade open during use. The 0456 deftly balances handsome appearance and solid utility. On the appearance side, the pivot hardware, custom aluminium back-spacer, and left/right reversible pocket-clip are finished in a brilliant blue. On the utility side,the 0456 offers top cutting capabilities and excellent edge-holding performance making it the perfect tool to take along with you on a bold adventure. Earlier Production runs of this knife were made with CTS-204P steel blades. Current production uses CPM-20CV,. Which blade steel your knife has depends on when it was made.
Made In the USA

KVT ball-bearing opening system
Reversible clip (left/right, tip-up)
Titanium frame lock, hardened steel lockbar insert
Custom blue backspacer, clip, and pivot hardware
Steel: CTS-204P or CPM-20CV, two-tone finish
Handle: Titanium, stonewashed & satin finish
Blade Length: 3.25 in. (8.3 cm)
Blade Thickness: 0.156 in. (0.396 cm)
Closed Length: 4.5 in. (11.4 cm)
Overall Length: 7.7 in. (19.6 cm)
Weight: 6.6 oz. (187.1 g)

Pricing,from my preferred ZT authorised dealer the ZT0456 will set you back just over AUD$300.
Zero Tolerance 0456 Titanium frame lock flipper.
The ZT 0456 ships in the usual propitiatory ZT box, with the knife shipped in a bubble wrap pouch for protection and the warranty card. These knives are proudly Built in the USA, and the box is festooned with slogans like 'over built' and 'built like a tank'.
This knife is among the more unusual knives I own, for starters it is a sheepsfoot/wharncliffe style which I am usually somewhat ambivalent about, but I had the chance to handle one at the Shot-show and this chubby, little/big knife (anyone who has handled one knows exactly what I mean when I Say little/big to describe this knife) just felt right to me, so I bought one. I can see this knife being polarising though,and you will either love it or hate it, I love it as it fits my XXL hands and allowing a filling 4 finger grip.
Fit and finish is the usual ZT standard, as in excellent, with the titanium handle being milled, chamfered and textured in a very pleasing and practical manner. Blue accents add pop which includes oversized pivot collet, backspacer and pocket clip (more on that later). I also plan to add an aftermarket blue anodised screws 8 screw set, 4 pocket clip screws, 2 backspacer, lock bar insert and the other part of the pivot collet) down the track.
The action on this model is outstanding, and it functions as a 'pushbutton' flipper, and is among the best push button flippers I have ever handled, one simply pushes on the flipper tab (which has jimping on the top to ensure positive engagement of the tab) and the bladesnaps open with a satisfying thunk. Lockup is at around 40%, giving plenty of lock confidence.
The knife goes in and out of the pocket easily, but the knife is chubby and it does take up a bit of real estate in the pocket. I am a front pocket carrier for my wallet and I have found I can't fit both the 0456 and my wallet in the pocket, forcing me to review how I carry my EDC (I tend to only wear cargo pants so the solution was easy and I simply moved my wallet to a different pocket)
Now to the pocket clip, in factory trim the blue anodised pocket clip isn't deep carry but upon taking to my ZT dealer he informed me the deep carry ZT 0550 shares the same screw pattern, so long story short I contacted Kai USA (the parent company of ZT andKershaw) and they were only too happy to send me a stone washed ZT0550 deep carry pocket clip free of charge and it was a simple matter of swapping it over. While not blue ano like the original the stone wash ties in with the grey Ti theme the knife has.
The two tone finished (stone washed on the flats and a satinfinish everywhere else)CPM-20cv blade features a high flat grind, and as stated above a wharncliffe shape with a slight amount of belly. The blade is perfectly centred, there is no blade play and no lock rock. The knife arrived just off shaving sharp, and I had to strop it to get it to a level of keenness that I was happy with.
The knife has performed admirably at any cutting tasks I have undertaken with it, though the blade isn't really suited to piecing tasks due to its wharncliffe style blade.

with original clip

Conclusion;The ZT 0456 is a very well made, chubby and burly little/big knife that perfectly suits large handled people who aren't worried about aEDC knives weight. If you can get over its somewhat strange appearance I highly recommend it.

One last point, I will address the weight issue with this knife. Itis a heavy knife and I would have preferred to see internal milling to bring down the weight. Weight doesn't factor in for me for pocket knives for the most part, though I could see it be an issue for others. If I had one complaint with this knife, excessive weight would have to be it.
For full disclosure I would also add I have XXL hands, and that must playin to my review process, and the readers should keep that in mind when reading my reviews and recommendations.
Lastly I ONLY use folding knives for light cutting duties, so I will not do 'hard use cutting tasks with any folder, that's what I have fixed blades for,so cutting tests consisted of cutting paper, cardboard, packaging,paracord, some food prep (again, not a task I use folders for for the most part) and other duties a stay-at-home-dad would use a cutting tool for around the house.

1-5 star system 1 star poor/fail 2 star below average 3 star average 4 above average 5 star excellent
-Handson/Ergos 5 stars (for my big XXL hands, I could see this being too big for smaller handed people and that would reduce this rating)
-Materials/Features 5 stars
-Build Quality/Fit and Finish 5 stars
- Value/Price point 4.5 stars
-Aesthetics 4 stars (with the blue screw set this would rise to 4.5)
Overall rating (average of all above) 4.7 stars


Rüdiger Nehberg
Jan 9, 2019
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I really like that knife. I think that one was my favorite in a zt collection video you did? No, it was from a link to true talon that you had on one of your posts. I have a twosun that is similar and I really like it. It's probably my favorite social knife right now.

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