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Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
I recently had the opportunity to review the WE818 Streak and while I really liked this knife it didn't fit my hand. I went to True Talon's site and noticed the the Practic was back in stock (Black version only) and looking at its handle I determined that the Practic would fit my hand, so long story short I dropped the hammer and bought one. Here is my review, I will say much of what I said about the Streak will be resaid here about the Practic, as they are very similar knives. (in fact the Streak is an updated and slightly enlarged version of the Practic, and they share the same design philosophy)

what the company says
WE Knives - 809 PRACTIC - M390 Blade and G10 handle.
The 809 PRACTIC knife features a G10 handle and an M390 blade for an amazing $210. Probably the best value knife WE has produced so far and it still has that great WE Knives ceramic bearing action. (Update, with the introduction of the 818 Streak this is no longer true, as they retail for $190)
It's lightweight handle is paired with a hollow ground drop point , 3.3 inch, M390 blade. This is a perfect EDC sized carry knife. Blue titanium hardware and blue stainless steel liners completes the stunning look of this knife.

The new 818 Streak is a slightly bigger improved version -

omes in a storage pouch with cleaning cloth.
Flipper, ball bearing assisted action. Lock Insert

Knife Name: Practic
Item #:809
Overall Length: 7.5”(190.5mm)
Blade Length:3.3”(83.8mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.13”(3.2mm)
Blade Material: Bohler M390
Blade Hardness: HRC59-61
Blade Grind: Hollow

Handle Length:4.2”(106.7mm)
Handle Overall Thickness:0.52”(13.2mm)
Handle Material: G10
Liner Material: Stainless Steel

Clip Material: 6AL4V Titanium
BackSpacer Material: G10
Screws Material: 6AL4V Titanium
Pivot Cap: 6AL4V Titanium
Washers Material: Ceramic Ball Bearing
Weight: 89.8g /3.17 oz (mine weighs 92.45g with the lanyard)
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Designed By WE TEAM

WE 809 Practic M390/G-10 black version.
The Practic was shipped to me in a box containing a propitiatory WE zippered plush lined case, with the knife encased in a plastic sleeve, microfiber cleaning cloth and paper work.

The WE 809 Practic is WE's original "budget" M390 offering, introduced I believe in mid 2018. I will admit I have a love for these "budget" M390 knives, and as with the Streak WE did not fail to impress me with the Practic. What is truly impressive is the classy touches WE has included (a milled titanium pocket clip, titanium hardware all blue anodized, blued steel liners), as well as WE's excellent fit and finish and fantastic ceramic bearing pivot and still being able to deliver a knife at a price point of just over $200.

The knife features partial open design with a short backspacer (featuring jimping and integrate lanyard hole that is drilled through the handle/backspacer rather than extended like in the Streaks case) secured with two pins, textured black G-10 handle slabs and skeletonized blued steel liners. The line lock has jimping added to aid lock disengagement and the lock engages almost the full width of the liner. This is a little early for my tastes and I am hoping it will break in and eventually engage the entire width of the liner.
The flipper tab has jimping and the knife functions as a light switch flipper. The flipping action is very snappy and this little knife fires exceptionally well. This knife is definitely in the realms of the fidget flipper.
All hardware is anodized (blue in this case) titanium, which is to me a very classy touch.
The milled titanium pocket clip is set up for left and right hand carry, tip up carry, and the clip is secured with two screws. The clip works well and the knife goes in and out of the pocket easily. It is reasonably deep carry, and the knife doesn't take up a lot of pocket real estate.
The fit and finish on the knife is at WE's usual high standard.

The blade is a drop point with a high hollow grind, featuring a sharpening choil and it has jimping for your thumb. A very pleasing satin finish has been applied to the blade. The blade is perfectly centered. There is zero blade play and no lock rock. There is no billboarding on the blade whatsoever, and I could not find the "M390" mark anywhere on the knife.
I will say the jimping on both the flipper tab and back of the blade is aggressive, and it definitely grabs you and doesn't allow any slippage. I cannot complain about this though as I would prefer aggressive jimping to none at all or ineffective slippery jimping. I could see the jimping wearing on you over extended cutting sessions particularly against your pointer finger (flipper tab jimping rests against the pointer finger when you grip the knife)

The knife is an exceptional slicer, the deep hollow grind is very thin behind the edge and I have to say of all the knives I have recently reviewed the Practic is the best of the lot for slicing ability (yes it even out sliced the Liong Mah Warrior 2 IMHO). The Practic performed exceptionally well in all cutting tests I undertook with the knife. While it is probably a little expensive to be considered a 'box cutter' if I had to break up a heap of cardboard boxes the Practic would be the knife I would choose.

Lastely, where the Streak didn't fit my hand very well the Practic does, I will say it is right on the threshold of being too small, but thankfully the handle is just
large enough to allows my XXL sized hands a full four finger grip.

Conclusion The Practic is another excellent 'budget' quality knife made by WE, it is made from quality materials (increased further by the addition of titanium hardware and WE's excellent ceramic bearing pivot), with excellent features and a snappy, smooth action. I usually think that G10 makes a knife feel a little 'cheap' and plasticy, but with WE's it doesn't and I suspect that this is because of the ano'ed hardware adding a heap of class to the overall impression of the knife. This knife delivers outstanding value for money and I highly recommend it.

You will note I didn't mention keenness, the knife arrived from the factory shaving sharp. The cutting I did didn't seem to affect keenness all that much and it only took a few passes on the SharpMaker and a stropping to make it shave again after my cutting tests.

For full disclosure I would also add I have XXL hands, and that must play in to my review process, and the readers should keep that in mind when reading my reviews and recommendations.
Lastly I ONLY use folding knives for light cutting duties, so I will not do 'hard use' cutting tasks with any folder, that's what I have fixed blades for, so cutting tests consisted of cutting paper, cardboard, packaging, paracord, some food prep (again, not a task I use folders for for the most part) and other duties a stay-at-home-dad would use a cutting tool for around the house.

1-5 star system 1 star poor/fail 2 star below average 3 star average 4 above average 5 star excellent
-Hands on/Ergos 5 stars
- Materials/Features 4.75 stars
- Build Quality/Fit and Finish 4.9 stars (slight drop for early lock up)
- Value/Price point 4.9 stars (slight drop as Streak is slightly cheaper)
- Aesthetics 5 stars

Overall rating (average of all above) 4.91 stars