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Wave Man

Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
WE 801-B Minitor M390/blue ti with textured carbon fiber inserts

what the company says
WE Knives - 801 Minitor - M390 Blade and Carbon Fiber & titanium handle.
The 801 Minitor knife features carbon fiber inserts with anodized titanium handle. It's lightweight handle is paired with a stonewashed finished, 3.5 inch, Bohler M390 blade with a modified sheepfoot style design. This is a perfect EDC sized carry knife.

There are 6 versions of the knife - three with stone washed blades and three with black blades.
Black blades will be specially ordered on request.
Comes in a storage pouch with cleaning cloth.
Flipper, ball bearing assisted action. Lock Insert.

Knife Name: Minitor
Item #:801
Overall Length:7.9”(201.8mm)
Blade Length:3.5”(87.7mm)
Blade Thickness:0.16”(4.0mm)
Blade Material: Bohler M390 Blade
Blade Hardness: HRC59-61
Blade Grind: Flat
Handle Length:4.5”(114.1mm)
Handle Overall Thickness:0.57”(14.6mm)
Handle Material: 6AL4V Titanium with Inlay CF
Clip Material: 6AL4V Titanium
Back Spacer Material:6AL4V Titanium
Screws Material: 6AL4V Titanium
Pivot Cap: 6AL4V Titanium
Washers Material: Ceramic Ball Bearing

Weight: 130g /4.6 oz
Lock Type: Frame Lock

Designed By We Knife Team
Pricing from True Talon is just over $400

The WE Minitor was shipped to me in a box containing a propitiatory WE zippered case, with the knife encased in a plastic sleeve and microfiber cleaning cloth.
As soon as I picked up the Minitor I was impressed, and I thought "this is a well executed high end knife". I was extremely impressed with this knife.
Fit and finish is excellent, every thing screams class when you handle the knife, and then you flip it, and snap, the blade deploys with a smoothness that is comparable with the best flippers I own. This knife featured a modified wharncliffe style blade with a sharpening choil that took the edge past the plunge grind. The choil did not allow for a forward hold.
The blade is perfectly centered, all edges are chamfered (including the spine of the blade, a nice touch often missed by other manufacturers), and the handle has textured carbon fiber inserts, there is milled back spacer with integrated lanyard hole, milled ti pocket clip (it was a single position clip, and set up for right hand tip up carry only), steel lock bar insert, and all hardware is anodized titanium (pivot and single stand off, I determined that by using a magnet, as Ti isn't magnetic). The flipper tab has jimping, which is not too aggressive. Lock up is around 50% giving plenty of lock confidence. The knife arrived just off shaving sharp, and I did strop the edge further to polish and refine the edge even more. There was no blade play or lock rock.
The Minitor gave my XXL hands a full four finger hold, and the knife feels extremely good in hand and with all the texturing on the inserts grip was very good. I felt no 'hot spots' when using the knife in any of the cutting test I performed. The full flat grind of the blade made the knife an excellent slicer, and the Minitor performed very well in all cutting tests I performed.
The knife's pocket clip had great retention and it carried well in pocket, and is quite deep carry, so very little of the knife pokes out of your pocket when carrying it. The knife goes in and out of the pocket easily. It is close to being the perfect size and weight for EDC, and the Minitor didn't take up much real estate in pocket.

I have to say again how smooth the firing is of the blade, it is equal to the best flippers I own (Reate, ZT's and RSK with needle bearing which are renowned for giving a smooth flipping action), though I could not definitely say it was 'better', this is definitely in the realm of a 'fidget flipper' and it snaps open with authority every time.

The WE Minitor represents a classy, sophisticated folder in a near perfect smallish package very well suited to EDC carry. While it is right on the threshold of being too small for my XXL sized hands it is still larger enough to afford a full 4 finger grip, while maintaining its small overall package. Technically the Minitor is close to perfect for me possessing all the features I require on an EDC knife, as well as beautiful fit and finish, a snappy, smooth action, great ergonomics and built using top of the line materials. The price point puts the WE in the middle, there are comparable knives for both more and less expensive price points.

1-5 star system 1 star poor/fail 2 star below average 3 star average 4 above average 5 star excellent
-Hands on/Ergos 4.5 stars
- Materials/Features 5 stars
- Build Quality/Fit and Finish 5 stars
- Value/Price point 4.5 stars
- Aesthetics 5 stars

Overall rating (average of all above) 4.8 stars

Wave Man

Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
and a overview vid

and Pro's fit and finish, custom touches (radiused spine, textured CF paneling on both sides of knife)

Con's sluggish flipping action (quite smooth but a little sluggish), pricing (almost $100 more than other 'standard' models (other comparable M390 ti/cf frame lock flippers))