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Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
Here is my review of the Reate Horizon D Ti.

This review will be somewhat similar to my Reate Mini Horizon D Ti, as its bigger brother shares many of the same features as the smaller Mini Horizon, but I will endeavour to show the differences between the two models.

The Reate Horizon D is the last in the design line of the Horizon series, preceded by the A, B and C. There are several versions of this knife, I bought the milled Ti version.

what the company says
The Horizon Ti from Reate.
This version features top of the line Bohler M390 blade steel, Titanium handle and all Titanium anodized fittings making this one beautiful and functional knife.
Flipper open, Multi-row ball bearing system
3-D machined Titanium handle.

the stats
Blade Material: Bohler M390
Handle Material:6AL4V Titanium
Clip & Pivot Material: 6AL4V Titanium (anodized)
Screw Material: TC4
Blade Thickness: 3.98mm - 0.157"
Blade Length: 95.3mm - 3.75"
Overall Length: 222mm - 8.74"
Locking:Frame Lock

These knives retail for $550, though I bought my Horizon D as a LNIB second hand and the cost was lower than the RRP.

Reate Horizon D grey milled M390/titanium frame lock flipper blue anodized hardware, 'fingerprint' blue/bronze ano pivot collet and pocket clip
The Reate Horizon D was shipped to me in a box containing a propitiatory Reate zippered case, with the knife encased in a plastic sleeve, Reate pull string bag, microfiber cleaning cloth, spare bits (washers, screws) and a Reate patch.
As soon as I picked up the Horizon D I was impressed, and I thought "this is a beautiful high end knife with a very solid feel about it". I am and continue to be extremely impressed with this knife. This version of the Horizon is the full sized version, and is specifically designed for the user who requires a full sized folding knife.
Fit and finish is excellent, every thing screams class when you handle the knife, and then you flip it, and snap the blade deploys with a authoritative 'thunk' that I have come to expect from Reate. The blade almost falls shut under its own weight, and with the application of 10 weight nano oil the action has only become smoother. The knife fires as good as any of my other 'fidget flippers' and is easily on par with the best ZT's, Real Steel "S" class and other Reate's I have handled. I will say like the Mini version the detent on this knife is strong and while this guarantees an authority firing action I have found that my finger sometimes skips off the flipper tab (despite the jimping). I cannot complain about this, as I much prefer a good firing flipper than a sluggish one and if you do a proper lightswitch action the knife fires every time. This knife, like the best flippers can be either light switched or push buttoned (though with the strong detent push buttoning the knife requires you to hold the knife securely to perform safely), and I tend to use a hybrid motion (combining light switching and push button action) to deploy the blade, and I have found the knife fires like the best flippers I have ever used.
The blade is perfectly centered, all edges are chamfered, and the handle is beautifully milled on both sides of the knife that adds heaps of traction when handling the knife. There is also a lot of internal milling to reduce weight further.
This knife features a lot of anodizing, adding pop and a level of sophistication and class to the model that one expects when paying over $500 for a pocket knife.
All screws and the backspacer are anodized a beautiful blue colour, and the pocket clip and pivot collets are anodized a unique 'fingerprint' blue/bronze colour that makes it look like they are made from ti damascus. This level of anodizing is what I would expect on a custom knife, and am blown away that it is included on a production knife.
There is milled back spacer with integrated lanyard hole, milled ti pocket clip (it was a single position clip, and set up for right hand tip up carry only), steel lockbar insert that has an integrated overtravel stop, and all hardware is titanium (I determined that by using a magnet, as Ti isn't magnetic). The flipper tab has jimping both on the top (to aid in light switching) and the side (to aid in push bottoning), which is not too aggressive. Lock up is a solid 30%-40% (it goes the entire lockbar insert) which gives plenty of lock confidence.
The Horizon D is a full sized folder and easily gives my XXL hands a full four finger hold, and the knife feels extremely good in hand and with all the texturing on the handle grip is very good. I felt no 'hot spots' when using the knife in any of the cutting test I performed. The high flat grind of the blade makes the knife an excellent slicer, and the Horizon D has performed very well in all cutting tests I have undertaken with the knife.
The blade features a fuller running the length of the back of the blade, and a very nice stonewash finish has been applied, that I find very pleasing. A small amount of jimping has been added to the back of the blade as well as a slight thumb ramp/step down. I have found my thumb automatically rests on the thumb ramp/step down giving me good cutting confidence as it allows great control over the knife during cutting. The knife arrived shaving sharp (but as I bought this second hand I am not sure if it is factory or had been touched up) and I have stropped it further to polish the edge even more and it is shaving sharp and slices paper efficiently.
The knife's pocket clip has great retention and it carries well in pocket, but it isn't deep carry, so some of of the knife pokes out of your pocket when carrying it. The knife goes in and out of the pocket easily, though unlike the Mini which I have found the milling on the inside clip side of the knife is somewhat rough on my pocket lips the Horizon doesn't seem to be as rough on the pocket lip. The Horizon D is a full sized folder, and does take up a bit of real estate in pocket, and is right on the threshold as far as size is concerned for me for convenient carry.

next to my Leatherman WingMan (for sizing)

Technically the Horizon D (for me and my XXL sized hands) is perfect, beautiful fit and finish, a snappy, smooth action, great ergonomics and built using top of the line materials and there is nothing I would want to see done differently or feel needs changing on this knife. I will say for the price point ($550) they are expensive knives, and there are other companies doing similar quality knives for a lower price point, but if I am honest what turned up at my place I would have been happy to pay full price for this knife, it is simply that good.
If you can justify the price and need a full sized folder, I highly recommend it. The Horizon D has become "the one" for me, and is simply my favorite folder out of my collection, it has everything I want or need in a folder.

For full disclosure I would also add I have XXL hands, and that must play in to my review process, and the readers should keep that in mind when reading my reviews and recommendations.
Lastly I ONLY use folding knives for light cutting duties, so I will not do 'hard use' cutting tasks with any folder, that's what I have fixed blades for, so cutting tests consisted of cutting paper, cardboard, packaging, paracord, some food prep (again, not a task I use folders for for the most part) and other duties a stay-at-home-dad would use a cutting tool for around the house.

1-5 star system 1 star poor/fail 2 star below average 3 star average 4 above average 5 star excellent
-Hands on/Ergos 5 stars
- Materials/Features 5 stars
- Build Quality/Fit and Finish 5 stars
- Value/Price point 4 stars
- Aesthetics 5 stars

Overall rating (average of all above) 4.8 stars

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Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
I have had the Horizon professionally sharpened by Knife Grinders
It originally had a 25BESS edge (twice sharper than a razor) but because of oxidation was delivered to me with a 40BESS edge (just sharper than a razor) but that was 9 months ago and would now have an estimated (as I do not have a BESS tester) around 160BESS edge (shaving sharp) It is still incredibly sharp and easily draw cuts Tally HO papers and effortlessly shaves (though won't tree top or whittle hair)