Review Boker Plus Vox Rhino, stag version

Wave Man

Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
This is my review of the Boker Plus Vox Rhino, stag handled version 3" fixed blade knife. There are 2 versions of this knife, one has a stag handle and the other a Black canvas Micarta handle, both have red liners.

What the company says
The Rhino Stag knife from Boker Plus is based on Jesper Voxnaes very successful handmade custom piece. The elite blade lines create a curved cutting edge and offer a huge amount of utility for a variety of tasks. The blade is two-tone polished satin 12C27 stainless steel. The real stag handle scales and black leather lanyard and sheath with pocket clip complete this knife. From outdoors to carving, from preparing game to a modern EDC, the Rhino knife does it all!


Overall Length:6.00"
Blade Length:3.00"
Cutting Edge:2.75" (65.8mm)
Blade Material:12c27
Blade Style: modified Wharncliffe
Blade Grind:Hollow
Finish:polished flats, belt finished Satin
Edge Type:plain
Handle Length:3.00"
Handle Thickness:0.75"
Handle Material:stag with red liners
Weight:3.80 oz. (112.46 g with lanyard, total with sheath 158.96g)
Knife Type:Fixed Blade
Brand:Boker Plus
Model Number:02BO269
Designer:Jesper Voxnaes
Best Use:Hunting

Country of Origin:Taiwan

From memory I bought this knife for around AUD$60, though that was several years ago now (could be as many as 10), from my google searches now they seem to be around US$63 (BladeHQ) as of 19/01/19. This is a numbered knife, mine is 0603.

I cannot remember how the Rhino was shipped, only that it was delivered to me in pristine condition and reasonably sharp.

This small knife is one of the more unusual in my collection. The modified wharncliffe, hollow ground blade has a small amount of belly and curves into a full stag handle with red liners. It is a full tang design and a lanyard hole has also been included. The stag handle is pleasing to the eye and gives my XXL sized hand a three finger grip. I have added a box weave lanyard to further increase the grip on the knife.
The leather sheath, with a spring belt clip is adequate for the purpose, though I have noticed over the years the knife cuts into the seam of sheath. These knives were also supplied with a kydex sheath (AFAIK) and I would probably have liked one of those over the leather sheath, but with that being said the leather sheath has served pretty well over the years. I like the fact that I can simply clip it to a belt, or pants waist or where ever as required.

I have found the Rhino to be a slicey little knife, the hollow grind is thin behind the edge and it slices very well. I have used this knife to cut many things, and it certainly cuts most things easily. This is my prefered knife for camping, which usually sees me camping in site that is full of "normal" people, and I have found the unobtrusive Rhino does not cause alarm or fear.

The Vox Rhino is one of the few 'small' knives I love, and it is my prefered go-to small knife. I have found that its overall shape fits my hand well despite its size and its blade shape lends itself well to most cutting tasks.

- Hands on/Ergos 5 stars (excellent, handles very well, performance is outstanding for what it is)
- Materials/Features 4 stars
- Build Quality/Fit and Finish 5 stars
- Value/Price point 5 stars (from what I remember, it was not all that expensive)
- Aesthetics 5 stars (classy with nice lines)
-Sheath Quality/accessories 4 stars
overall rating 4.66