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Bird Red-capped Robin (Petroica goodenovii)


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 5, 2011
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Common Name: Red-capped Robin

Scientific name: Petroica goodenovii

Family: Petroicidae

Order: Passeriformes

Other Names: N/A

Distribution: Widely distributed throughout mainland Australia except in the far North - not found in Tasmania.

Habitat: Eucalypt, acacia and cypress forest, arid and semi-arid zones, farms with scattered trees, gardens.

Field Notes: Male; black above, white below, scarlet red cap, white shoulders, red breast, black throat, white bar on black wing, white edges on black tail. Female; grey-brown above, off-white below, reddish cap, brownish black wings barred white, pale patches of red on breast.

Photo taken at You Yangs Regional Park, Melbourne, Victoria - July 2010.

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