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Real Steel Luna Lite D2 ( Slip Joint )


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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I got this knife some time ago , and it's performance on the rope was disappointing !

So a little while ago I reground the bevel . Now I was only able to clean up 50% as the factory grind was seriously FUBAR . I guess a blind man must have ground this one , and perhaps his seeing eye dog should have got the job ? ...

Anyways ,

The concept of the LUNA lite is fantastic ! ( Love it )
A pocket knife that weighs very little , and has a decent D2 blade on it .. (?) The grind boss . the grind !
As a pocket knife concept , it be a hands down winner ! 10 out of 10
Though in the past , the slicing performance was very ho hum ..

That is until I did a full regrind on 50% of the blade , the rest of the blade is so FUBAR I just had to leave it .
Thankfully 50% of the good blade is at the front and the bad 50% is to the handle .

So ? Result would be a 350 slice pass or a 400 slice fail , take your pick !
With the factory grind , the results were not so great ( sorry , dont remember ) . All I remember is how disappointed I was with this knife .


Edge was reground to 17 degrees , did a 350 pass on the rope .
Has been re sharpened VIA guided knife sharpener to 22 deg ..
So the blade is a double bevel right now .
17 degree main bevel with a 22 deg micro / mini bevel for the edge .
I did this so that I could remove the FUBAR with as little steel removal as possible .
So .... 100% of the blade should be fully functional now .
We do what we have to , ....

Should you buy one ?
Do you want a true pocket knife ?
A knife that is seriously EDC
A knife that vanishes from your senses ?

Walking around the house with the Luna Lite in my pocket , I never noticed it . After a few minutes , it's like your pocket is empty . There is no tell tale slap against your leg off a heavy knife or object when walking . The Luna Lite completely vanishes from your senses and I was constantly slapping the outside of my pocket , cos I thought I may have dropped it .
Nothing to complain about , aside from a poor performing factory bevel .