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Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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Big Sorry - Video lacks audio !

Factory Edge returned some 50 slices on the rope .
Factory edge was Fubar !

Don't know who ground the edge , but a seriously poor effort .
The edge snakes and has dips or valleys ..
So I put it on the Wet Stone Grinder ( included a little video of me grinding a new edge - in the video )
Still not 100% , cos the factory edge was FUBAR .
I ground off as much steel as I dare ( Years of use ) , but still bad ju ju left behind .

Anyways , ground edge returned some 300 slices of rope .. And suddenly stopped .

Stropping the edge - There was a fair bit of crunching - Did the edge develop a micro roll ?
Didn't take much strop to restore the edge .. Was it burrish ? / did it maybe roll a bur ? hmmm ...
I may have to revisit this knife .. ( revisit the rope )

Sheath is from a Sydney seller .. ( ? if he makes them - as I have seen a very similar sheath sold in Russia ) = Great minds think alike ?
Anyways , for a Mora but fits the Puukko just fine if not a little tight = Better than lose .

They call this knife a Garberg Killer (?) , yeah , I'm not buying a Overpriced Garberg unless I win the lottery or something .
Butt ! Is it that good , to be called a Garberg killer ?

A) Comfortable to hold
B) Fits a Mora Sheath
C) Not super expensive if ordered direct
D) Value for money - For now I would call it average .
E) Factory edge was poor / poorly ground and performed poorly
F) For a first knife or for Noobs - Not recommended !

If your a collector , if you have to have one and you know how to put down a edge - Sure , go for it !
But dont expect this to be like a Mora - Out of the box performance .
I saw a Mora for $25 + Free shipping , so had to order it .
I have Mora's going back to the 70's . so plan on doing a Mora Shoot Out .
Old VS New
Micro bevel VS SCandi
SS VS Carbon
Something like that ...
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Richard Proenneke
Jan 9, 2019
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That's a pity, but it is what it is. They are popular knives with many people; that has nothing to do with your findings. Thanks for the review.

I have one heavy fixed blade, similar to your kubey. It's also D2. I've never used it, but have sharpened it. I keep it, but as things are don't have a use for it. It is the sort of thing that would be indispensable in different circumstances, so I keep it :). It's a relatively cheap but well regarded knife - the bevel on mine is now much shallower

hx outdoors d2 td01.jpg


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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Probably very rare for people to actually test their knives in the general community .
I went a good 40 something years before I bothered to do any sort of edge retention testing .
It be a very serious eye opener for sure .
I have $10 knives that kick $100+ knives to the curb .
And such a brutal reality check can be somewhat disconcerting in regards to shelling out $$ for what might be a seriously bogus product .

We all have fond memories of our favourite knives , Remington - Case - Mora - Victorinox - and so forth .
But , where in reality do those knives stand ? ( Performance wise )
I did test some of the knives I used to carry ( when it was legal ) a while back . And it was my intention to continue to test those old knives of mine I either took to work our out into the field . ( That big reality check )

Not saying people have to know , but that's where I am at ! ( I have to know )
How a knife looks - feels - is bolted together - No longer cuts it for me . Now I have to know how it performs .