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Potential solution to the problem of using a sleeping bag in a hammock...


Mors Kochanski
Sep 7, 2011
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Thanks for the heads up and for the link ozbladefan.

I've had a bit of a look into those sleeping bags since you posted and they seem to be OK since some of them are a two-piece unit - quited bag with a rubber/canvas cover which clips on. I'd obviously use the inner bag without the cover. Only problem is they seem a bit heavy for hiking trips, but for car camping I reckon they'd be great.


Rüdiger Nehberg
Sep 11, 2011
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Fraser coast
I have one of these german bags http://www.vtarmynavy.com/german-sniper-sleeping-bag.htm, among my pile of stuff. It's a very warm bag with arms and the zip allows your to get your legs out without getting completely out of the bag.

Beat me to it. http://www.exarmy.co.uk/surplus/product/229/german-sleeping-bag I had one of these when I used to be a scooterist. You can ride a Vespa 150 while wearing it so use to turn up to rallies throw out the bivi bag get your feet back into the gonk bag and off to sleep. then spend the whole next day drinking when you fell down drunk your mates put your feet back in and you was warm and drunk.