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Bird Plum-headed Finch (Neochima modesta)


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Scientific Name: Neochima modesta

Common Name: Plum-headed Finch

Order: Passeriformes

Family: Estrildidae

Other Names: Modest Finch,Cherry Finch, Plain-coloured Finch,Diadem Finch

Distribution: primarily in the Great Dividing Range and in the plains to the west of the ranges, from about Sydney, NSW, and Orange, NSW, in the south, up to about Bourke, NSW, and Barcaldine, QLD, in the west, up to central and northern QLD, with the northern edge of their range near Cairns, QLD. They are found on the coastal fringe only from about Cairns to Townsville, QLD, from Byfield to Yeppoon, QLD, and from the Manning River to Sydney, NSW.

Habitat: open woodland,grassland, tall crops bordering watercourses.

Field Notes: Bill, lores and tail Black. Forehead,crown,chin deep claret. olive brown above with white on wings. The female is similar to the male but lacks the male's claret chin spot and a white line above and to rear of eye.

The Plum-headed Finch breeds mainly from September-January in the south and August-March in the north. The nest is round, laterally compressed chamber of green grass and is built in thick bushes. 4-6 pure white eggs are laid. Size: 11 - 12.5 cm

Pics by auscraft 2012, my yard. This pic is a male

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