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Nest In the Hills
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May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
Ok I was grabbing some photos out of my photo archive and ended up getting a bit nostalgic with some of my photos from around the place. Here is a few I grabbed. If people want to see more I can post more up later there are tones more. Alot of these are from my ride around Aus last year, hope you enjoy, grab a beer for this one.

NT border

One of the best places in the world in my opinion, Mataranka springs NT

katherine NT

kakadu NT

top of Kakadu NP, NT, 43c

rock paintings at kakadu, NT

Jabaru, NT, 7pm and 38c

Kakadu entrance 40 something c

katherine wier

stopping for some afternoon tea, boab, boabab, bottle tree, adansonia gregorii, call it what you like, the pith inside the nuts is quite tasty, tastes like sweet and sour powdered milk. Keeps for ages, I carried a load of these blokes with me for snacks in the top end.

kimberley, WA

fitzroy crossing 38C at 3am, couldn't sleep, neither could johny

before you ask.... 700k and its pulled by an isuzu truck. Yanks.

NT, somewhere

Sandfire roadhouse, 40c in the shade

Miners like to have fun in the pilbra

carnarvon WA

Somewhere in the pilbra

following the Murray on my way to mildura

my camp on the WA coast, no a soul.

esperance WA


Eclua roadhouse on the nullabour, SA/WA border

the great australian bite

hunkering down near Port Augusta, SA

the top of the grampians VIC

needs no caption

The GOR, VIC, one of the most stunny places ive ever seen


Cunningham Pier, Gelong, VIC

Vic side of the snowies, after crossing the snowies via the barry way while snowing and raining, stunning ride that ill never forget

Vic side of the snowies, great area

the snowy mountains, the barry way

one of my favorite camps near oberon, NSW

one of my favorite camps near oberon, NSW

Friendly emus, oberon NSW

NSW snowies somewhere

climbing out of bendethera valley

bendethera valley

Top of the grampians, VIC

Top of the grampians, VIC


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Jun 5, 2011
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Picton NSW
An awesome experience! Wow! Some fantastic shots there too!