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Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
here's my written review of the Kizer Gemini.

This knife was supplied to me by True Talon for review purposes (and will be going back after a few weeks), and as such I am allowed to light use, carry and generally evaluate the knife but do not take them apart and try not to mark them up. I also send them back as sharp as I received them.

here's a link to True Talon and the Kizer Gemini

and the left handed version

what the company says
Gemini - Ray Laconico design
With the Aussie dollar dropping like a rock, the Gemini is great value while they last. Easily one of the best actions around. Great thin blade for easy cutting too.
Based on Ray Laconico's popular Jasmin custom knife design.
Is the Gemini the best ball bearing flipper ever made? Many people think so. It’s ultra fast and smoother than silk.
A gorgeous blade of S3SVN steel is set into a silver contoured Titanium handle for smooth handling.
Flipper, ball bearing action. Lock Insert.


Blade steel: S35VN
full flat grind, stone wash finish
Handle: 6Al4V Titanium
Blade length: 79.5mm
Overall length: 184mm
Weight - 106.2 grams
Blade thickness: 2.8mm
Costing from True Talon is $199

Kizer Ki3471 Gemini S35VN/titanium frame lock flipper

The Gemini is shipped extremely well, a proprietary sleeved Kizer box containing an envelope with paper work and microfiber cloth, the knife in a plastic sleeve inside a Kizer pouch.

The Gemini is a production version of the Laconico custom Jasmin, and by all reports is one of Kizer's most recognisable and popular designs.

The Kizer Gemini follows the usual pattern for frame lock flippers, consisting of a contoured titanium frame with short, anodized titanium backspacer. Hardware consists of two body screws (all anodized a vibrant blue colour, and I think some of the hardware is stainless steel as I got a reaction from a magnet) and a stylized pivot (the pivot has torx on both sides). The handle slabs haven't been weight relieved, and they honestly don't need it anyway as the knife is already quite light.(it almost falls into the 1" blade length/1oz weight ratio)
An steel lock bar insert has been provided and this also incorporates an overtravel stop. Access to the lock has not been aided and I wish there had been a cut out for the pass through, and this is my only real complaint about the design choices made.
Lock up is around 50% (the full width of the lockbar insert), giving plenty of lock confidence.

The entire handle has been contoured and all edges soften via chamfering. The body screws and pivot are torx #8 and the pocket clip screws and lock bar insert screws are torx #6. I should note also the pocket clip screws and lock screws aren't anodized. The pocket clip and backspacer have been ano'ed a different blue colour to the other hardware, which seems a little strange to me. A lanyard hole has also been provided.
Fit and finish is very good, the blade is well centered and there is not blade play or lock rock.
*I will note the pivot wasn't locktited from factory and worked loose several times throughout my time with the knife during the review process, when this happened I simply tightened it up again and if I was going to keep the knife I would Loctite the pivot.

The milled pocket clip is secured with two screws and is set up for right hand, tip up carry only (though as noted a true left hand version is also available), and is reasonably deep carry with little of the handle sticking out of the pocket. This little knife rides well in pocket and it doesn't take up much pocket realestate. The clip is well designed and the knife goes in and out of the pocket easily, one handed.

The flipper tab has no jimping and the knife functions both as a light switch or push button flipper. Flipping action is very good and the knife fires with authority and while the light blade won't guillotin shut you can wiggle it shut with a bit of effort. It's a snappy little knife and the flipping action is very satisfying.

The just over 3" drop point blade has a full flat grind and is finished in a light, reflective stonewash that I find very pleasing to the eye. No choils or jimping have been included, and there is some billboarding (consisting company, makers name, model number and steel type).
The knife performed extremely well slicing cardboard, and proved to be a very good slicer. The thin stock combined with the full flat grind all work to produce a very efficient 'slicey' knife.
I didn't find any hotspots during my cutting tests though I will note the handle didn't really fit my hands very well, but that's a issue with my hands not the knife. The Gemini is just a little too small for me and my sized hands.
The knife arrived from the factory shaving sharp (I did strop it first up just to further refine the edge before doing any cutting with the Gemini). The cutting I did didn't seem to affect keenness all that much and it only took a few passes on the SharpMaker and a stropping to make it shave again after my cutting tests. I have seen several cutting tests done on the Gemini (on YouTube) and Kizer seems to be very good at heat treating their S35VN, to get the best out of the steel's edge retention.

the packaging on the Gemini is right up there, the best I have ever seen, though I can see how people might say it is a little excessive


Wave Man

Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
Conclusion I can see why the Gemini is so popular, it is an impressive little knife. This pocket knife combines great looks, a snappy action and a blade that is really slicey, and while it didn't fit my hands very well I found myself liking the Gemini a lot.

Pro's size, flipping action

Con's no jimping on the flipper tab, lock access (would have loved to see a cut out for the pass through) (both of these con's are personal to me, others may not even worry about them)

1-5 star system 1 star poor/fail 2 star below average 3 star average 4 above average 5 star excellent
Hands on/Ergos 4 stars (for me, and my XXL sized hands)
Materials/Features 4.5 stars
Build Quality/Fit and Finish 5 stars
Value/Price point 5 stars
Aesthetics 5 stars
Overall rating (average of all above) 4.7 stars

For full disclosure I would also add I have XXL hands, and that must play in to my review process, and the readers should keep that in mind when reading my reviews and recommendations.
Lastly I ONLY use folding knives for light cutting duties, so I will not do 'hard use' cutting tasks with any folder, that's what I have fixed blades for, so cutting tests consisted of cutting paper, cardboard, packaging, paracord, some food prep (again, not a task I use folders for for the most part) and other duties a stay-at-home-dad would use a cutting tool for around the house.