one of my first dedicated fire kits

Wave Man

Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
here is one of my first dedicated fire kits, I have recently been going through all my PSK's and dedicated kits and reviewing them and refreshing them as needed.

This one is special to me as it contains a striker made for me by a good friend, it is among the best ferro rod strikers I have ever used and also doubles a flint striker and throws great sparks if the need arises.

I have several changes I am going to do with this kit, first up, I am going to replace the pouch with one of my slightly larger ones (have another one on order, just waiting for it to turn up, at the moment it is in the Maxpedition micro pocket organiser), going to replace the match safe, this one is old and I have more new ones coming, I am going to add in a piece of flint, I have some pieces but none of them are a good fit so I have ordered another one, I hope it is a better fit, flat and will fit better.

when I have the larger pouch the IMCO lighter is going in the kit, I love these lighter just wish they were more available or wish I had bought more of them when I had the opportunity. I actually prefer them over Zippo's IMO they are a better lighter, take all the same bits and work in a similar manner.

IMCO pictured on the outside of kit

ferro rod (5"x1/2"), magnesium rod (3.54"x.62"), pocket bellows, little lucifers x6, tinder qiks x6, ranger bands, candle, striker

magnifying glass, paracord, cotton wool rubbed in petroleum jelly, Bic lighter, fresnel lens, char cloth, alfoil, fatwood stick, match safe