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Needle case + Sewing Kit


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
On a day walk I picked up a dry stick which had a pithy center. Perfect !

I trimmed the ends, but left the stick long to make it easier to work on:
PC303307 (Medium).jpg

Using a small, green twig twisted, rotated and jigged until the pith was removed:
PC303308 (Medium).jpg PC303309 (Medium).jpg

Hollow center:
PC303317 (Medium).jpg

Then I cut the "bands". I cut three broad bands into the outside of the stick. You'll see why ...
PC303314 (Medium).jpg PC303315 (Medium).jpg

Three bands and completely hollow, You can see the stick poking through:
PC303316 (Medium).jpg

A permanent plug using a green stick for one end.
I whittled it to fit, then cut it a few mm long so I could firmly push it in without splitting the stick
and make a flush finish. No need to glue etc :
PC303319 (Medium).jpg

Then I made a stopper for the other end.
A snug fit, but with a nice handle to grasp.
I could put a lanyard on the lid so it doesn't get lost ... but if it did I could easily make another ...
PC303321 (Medium).jpg PC303320 (Medium).jpg

Finally, back home.
I loaded each "band" with a different colour of cotton and added a few needles
PC313354 (Medium).jpg PC313355 (Medium).jpg

I'm really pleased with the results !