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My New Guided Knife Sharpener ( things to complain about )


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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So two main issues that are a PITA ...

The slider ball .. Does not offer enough articulation and the rod binds ( tool holder for the sharpener / rod )
Also the clamp , does not clamp properly ..
I sharpened 3 knives , and the knives just flopped about ..
So binding , and the knives were not held securely .


That ball slider is from my Ruixin Pro ...... And cures all the binding issues !
Also I took a file to the jaws ..
I removed the duck tail / lip from the front of the jaws and then rounded the surfaces some .
I tested it and it holds a knife much more securely now .
One should not need to fix new things ..... .
THe Ruixin Pro slider ? I got right onto Aliexpress and found the slider and ordered two of them .
Next I will do a video , using this sharpener .
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