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Mtech MT-20-70 @ edge rolling champion !


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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Time to test another knife !
A) Factory edge was fabulously FUBAR ..
B) 1st edge was a guided edge and was done to 20 degrees . This edge rolled at 100 slices .
C) 2nd edge was ground , then guided at 22 degrees . This edge rolled at 150 slices
D) 3rd edge was guided at 22 degrees , I put too much effort into this edge . The edge rolled by 100 slices .
E) This knife is a gold medal edge roller !

The titanium coating looks to be the real thing . But how soft is the steel under it ?
If you looking for a knife with soft steel ?
In a real survival situation (?) , a soft knife may serve you better (?) , as it would be easier to maintain . (?)

Spine is greater than 90 degrees .. So does the ferro thing well !
The video went ( FUBAR ) towards the end ? ( Probably need a new action cam )
I also processed some fatwood with the knife .
Oh dear ! Did it cause hand fatigue or what ? ( No , it did )
That Rough Rider , after doing the grip mod ! Way decent budget knife !
And I have processed a lot more fatwood with that RR1869 than I did with the Mtech , and suffered no hand fatigue !
So ? If your interested in a budget knife ? The RR1869 might be worth a look .
The Mtech ? Maybe not so much unless your actually looking for a edge roller !