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Morakniv Basic 546 part 2 ( My edge ) @ the rope


Ray Mears
Aug 27, 2021
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So I got the Mora SS up and running again .
This time around I got to a 250 Fail .

Around 150 slices I picked up a edge roll .
And @ 250 slices the Mora was no longer slicing paper .
A little bit of leather stropping and metal crunching ( rolled edge being removed ) and it was slicing paper again .
But it's still a 250 fail . But thats up from the factory 100 fail ..
The rope slice is not a easy test , it is some what heavy duty .
Not only are you slicing rope , but then the edge hit's the wood underneath .
A $25 knife hitting 250 slices .. That's a value index of 10c a slice .
That's much better than say a value index of $1 per slice .. ( 10 times better )