Mora 2010 Bushcrafter,mini review

Wave Man

Jun 22, 2011
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Brisbane, QLD
Well the last of my Mora's turned up the other day, this one is a 2010 Bushcrafter, I haven't had the chance to cut many things with her yet, but these are my initial thoughts.
I bought this knife because I wanted a Mora knife that combined the model 2000 variable grind scandi edge, combined with the Clippers handle geometry.(I have both of these Mora's as well).
first the pics

I have to say this is my favorite Mora so far, it feels good in the hand and came shaving sharp from the factory(as almost all Mora's seem to arrive).The black with yellow high lights really appeal and look so much better then most of the other Mora's I have or seen.This model(2010 bushcrafter) IMO is the "best" of the Mora line for general "bushcrafting", and as is the norm for Mora is reasonably priced(mine was $40 including shipping from America)and offers fantastic value for money.I look forward to getting her out in to the bush and cutting something with her.