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Aquatic Monacanthus chinensis (Fan-bellied Leatherjacket)


Nest In the Hills
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May 2, 2011
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Central West, NSW
Scientific Name: Monacanthus chinensis

Common Name: Fan-bellied Leatherjacket

Other Names: Centreboard Leatherjacket

Order: Tetraodontidae

Family: Monacanthidae

Distribution: Most Australian states including the tourist strait

Habitat: Rivers, estuaries and coastal

Identifying Feature: No Scales

Field Notes: Dark brown to green in colour with soft darker patches. A convex tail fin. A distinctive belly flap which extends below the fish. Dorsal and anal fins are dark, tapering to bone white at the tips. Flesh is leathery with no scales. Mouth is small and upturned. Grows up to 25cm.

Fishing: Can be caught on a range of baits, prawns and yabbies and squid being the most popular. Often found around jetties and wharfs. Use light tackle and a wire tracer or long shanked hook.


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