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Maxpedition Mod, Can be done with most Max packs


Lofty Wiseman
Apr 1, 2012
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A while ago on my first trip out with my Maxpedition condor 2 i hated the fact that i couldnt attach my tent or winter sleep system to the outside of mu pack. This meant i had to take another bag because i didnt have the room inside to fit that, and the rest of my gear. So i thought of a little mod that requires no stitching, no cutting of any straps and no voiding of any pack warranties that is fully reversible if i ever wanted to sell it.

Im sure im not the only one who thought of doing this, but here is what i did and how i did it.

You will need:

A Maxpedition Backpack
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View attachment 5853

heres the video on my Youtube channel