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Bird Masked Lapwing (Vanellus miles)


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Common Name: Masked Lapwing

Scientific name: Vanellus miles

Family: Charadriidae

Order: Charadriiformes

Other Names: Pluver

Distribution: throughout northern, central and eastern Australia.

Habitat: marshes, mudflats, beaches and grasslands. It is often seen in urban areas.

Field Notes: mainly white below, with brown wings and back and a black crown. Birds have large yellow wattles covering the face, and are equipped with a thorny spur that projects from the wrist on each wing. The spur is yellow with a black tip. The Masked Lapwing has two subspecies resident in Australia. The southern subspecies has black on the hind neck and sides of breast, and has smaller facial wattles. Northern birds are smaller, without the partial black collar, but have a much larger wattle, which covers most of the side of the face.

Photo by Auscraft 2011. My Yard, QLD

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