looking for other bushcrafters in QLD - Brisbane


Lofty Wiseman
Aug 6, 2014
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Hey so unfortunately out of all my mates, I've only got a few that enjoy hiking and bushcraft :(

So I'm just seeing if I can find some bushcrafters around my area to chat and possibly hike with. I live in Brookwater which is in-between Springfield and Ipswich, about 30mins from the CBD. I've hiked around Spring Mountain which is just across the road from me but haven't ventured out into Ipswich or Mt Coo-tha yet. I'm only a noob at bushcraft so I'm eager to learn a thing or two as well. I'm interested in building a light kit for overnighters and really using the environment as much as I can instead of bringing it with me.

Let me know if you know of any good areas around here for hiking/buschcrafting/camping and or if you want to meet up and go for a hike.

Cheers, Daniel