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Looking For Horse Brass Or Martingale

Howling Dingo

Richard Proenneke
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May 20, 2011
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So this my be a wee bit "off topic" but I looking for some old school horse brass or sometime just called martingale.This is a traditional decoration for working horses that started in the mid 19th century England.Some say it was to ward off the evil eye back in the day. Other seem to think it is just purely for fun and show.

Kind of reminds me of my granny's house when I was a little kid.Also in old pubs in Scotland you often seen them nailed to the wall.I just want some as wall-hangers myself I think they are kind of cool myself.

Willing to trade handmade leather crafts..:;):

Photo off of the net showing a cross section of the many designs.Some are just a shape like a star or cross other commemorate a event or individual often from history.Some designs are just things from life in the country like foxes or stacks of wheat.

ron one.jpg

But more of a British/English thing but cross over to Australia a little bit.In the book Australian Traditional Bush Craft By Ron Edwards he talks about the subject briefly.

Ron Edwards talks about not finding any Australian designs ,but I did find this kangaroo on etsy.


Rather good video on the subject by Harry Rogers
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