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Amphibian Litoria wilcoxii (Stoney Creek Frog)


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Jun 5, 2011
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Picton NSW
Scientific Name: Litoria Wilcoxii

Common Name: Stoney Creek Frog

Order: Anura

Family: Hylidae

Distribution: The Hawkesbury river system through to Far north Queensland

Habitat: closely associates with small creeks and streams and found in a wide range of habitats across its distribution.

Field Notes: A small terrestrial frog typically found in close association with streams or rivers, Litoria wilcoxii ranges in size from 35-48mm among males and 39-69mm among females. Coloration is typically pale brown or fawn on the dorsum, and may range from being free of markings to having scattered dark flecks or large dark brown patches. A black streak bordered by a thin gold or pale-yellow line may be present extending along the body posteriorly at the level of the forelimb. The posterior surface of the thigh is black with small round or irregularly shaped spots of white, cream, or green. Ventral surfaces are white except in the submandibular area which may show fine, dark mottling. Hind limbs in both males and females are short with webbed toes, while the fingers, in contrast, are unwebbed, long and slender. Males in breeding season frequently show lemon-yellow coloration on the flanks, upper surface of the forelimbs, and the side of the face, in additon to black or dark brown nuptial pads on the posterior dorsal surface of the first finger.(Donnellann and Mahony 2004). Very similar to Litoria lesueuri

The Male...


The Female

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