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Amphibian Litoria spenceri (Spotted Tree Frog)


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria
Scientific Name: Litoria spenceri

Common Names: Spotted Tree Frog

Other names:

Order: Anura

Family: Hylidae


Genus: Litoria

Species: Litoria spenceri

Distribution: Found in the cold mountain streams from the Central Highlands in Victoria, to Mt Kosciuszko in New South Wales. They are classified as highly endangered.

Habitat: The Spotted Tree Frog is found in swift-flowing upland streams in mountainous areas. The areas are usually very steep, always rocky and can range from dense, moist forest at higher altitudes to very little cover at the lower altitudes

Field Notes: We spotted lots of these lovely frogs amongst the rocks at the side of a swift river along many kilometers of bank. The frogs we observed were quite small, no more that about 20mm in length. Reading about L. Spenceri now, I see adults reproduce in Oct-Dec and are between 30mm – 60mm long. I suspect all the frogs we saw were juveniles ?
The colour seemed to vary from brownish to green, and they had “lumps” on their skin.

Interestingly these "tree frogs" are not found in the trees, but on the river banks !

P1290307 (Small).jpgP1290308 (Small).jpgP1290309 (Small).jpgP1290310 (Small).jpgP1290311 (Small).jpgP1290346 (Small).jpgP1290347 (Small).jpgP1290428 (Small).jpgP1290429 (Small).jpg