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Kurrajong Coffee


Never Alone In The Bush
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Jun 16, 2011
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Melbourne, Victoria

I visited a nearby park and found some kurrajong pods full of seeds and decided to make a coffee with them.
These are actually quite small pods, so I collected a few

I removed the seeds and cleaned the irritant hair and other debris. Then put them in water to allow more debris to float and separate.
You can see the yellow seeds. They are about the size of corn kernels.
20200813_162234.jpg 20200813_162720.jpg 20200813_195806.jpg

I rubbed the seeds to dislodge the sticky membrane and any other bits.
Clean and ready to proceed:

I toasted them in a hot frypan (but didn't take a picture). After a while some seeds will crack and jump; a bit like popcorn, but the seeds don't explode like popcorn does)
Here they are still warm after toasting. You can eat them as they are, quite crispy and nutty. I dry fried these, but you can add butter and salt if you want to eat them like this

I ground the hard seeds.
Then steeped them in boiled water to make a coffee. I added milk, because that's how I like it.
20200813_201657.jpg 20200813_202254.jpg 20200813_202346.jpg

This is a caffeine free drink and it is not really "coffee". If you're expecting coffee, you wont appreciate this at all.
The flavour is quite delicate and is somewhat reminiscent of corn and some of the commercial grain based coffee substitutes.

It makes a pleasant drink and its worth trying.

Of course the kurrajong has many other uses too ….