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K6 Flipper ( 14c28n )


John McDouall Stuart
Aug 27, 2021
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Was surfing FeeBay when I spied this knife ..
Not that I needed another knife , but I put in a low bid and forgot about it .
Then I get an Email saying I won an auction ?

And I have another knife . ( Yay )

Some one went to great effort to design a not so great knife .
OK ! It looks nice , if that matters .
It's bolted together real nice .
Blade is BB supported .
Action is bank vault tight .
Lock is good .

I hated the clip ..
Those cut outs in the blade = They dont need to be there .
Blade is probably twice as thick as it needs to be for a pocket knife .
Factory edge was FUBAR .
So I ground a fresh edge onto the blade .
TO cut a long story short , the edge began to roll around 150 slices . ( I noticed )
At 200 the knife would no longer slice the printer paper .
Stropping the pine , the edge made a come back .. ( Rolled edge )

When I came back in and stropped the edge on leather it made a strong come back .
That edge may have been a little thin . (?)
Still , for such a cheap knife , 200 with a rolled edge is not horrible , not even bad .
Just means the bevel was a little tight .
For a letter opener , sure !
For anything more serious . like meaty stuff (?) , probably want a knife without holes .