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Bird Intermediate Egret (Egretta intermedia)


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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Common Name: Intermediate Egret

Scientific name: Egretta intermedia

Family: Ardeidae

Order: Ciconiiformes

Other Names: Plumed Egret

Distribution: coastal north and east Australia. Less common in south Australia, rare in Victoria and South Australia.

Habitat: wetlands with shallow water, wet grasslands, pastures

Field Notes: The Intermediate Egret is a medium sized white egret. It looks similar to the Great Egret, but is smaller, has a more rounded head and the orange bill is shorter and not so acute angled. The neck is about the same length as the body. In breeding plumage they have deep pink to red bill, blue-green facial skin and long breast plumes and long wing plumes extending beyond the tail.

Photo by Auscraft, 2011, My Yard, QLD
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