Hunting and Trapping Disclosure


Henry Arthur Readford
May 23, 2011
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While Hunting and Trapping are both skills within Bushcraft only legitimate methods are to be discussed within this forum.

This forum is not the place to become efficient in these activities but a place to give help to those who practise these skills and basic methods. Any discussions on any illegal or practise not open to the general population is not allowed and will be handled according to Forum policies and rules.

No Native wildlife are to be harmed or discussed within this forum.
Only methods particular to State/Federal and local laws can be discussed.
No images of animals in distress or being dispatched are allowed.
This is NOT a place to make political judgements or discussions.
Be mindful of others who may view these articles.

It is not the belief of this forum that reading articles or books alone is best practise for these skills, it is recommend first hand instruction and training before attempting to start these activities for anyone interested in these skills.
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